Who We Are


Wezesha Impact works to empower youth to transition and thrive in life. 

Wezesha means enable in Swahili. 
Our work enables youth to take action that positively impacts their own lives.We believe that each young man and woman has the potential to lead a productive life and contribute positively to society.  


Our Mission

Enabling youth in Africa to engage in productive employment

Our Vision

Our Vision for 2028 is to directly impact 100,000 youth economically and socially. More broadly we plan to reach 400,000 youth across East Africa.

Our Values

1. Youth as Change Makers

Youth are not a problem. They are a promise!: We believe in the potential of youth to solve existing challenges.

2. Youth Driven Action

Youth are our priority: Everything we do is for the benefit of the youth we serve.

3. Community Collaboration

Collaboration is key: We build relationships and work together with like minded people, organizations and government agencies to serve youth better.

4. High Achievement Culture

Culture drives performance: We strive to envision and focus, set and achieve audacious goals and rise above the challenges that abound.

Where We Work

Uganda’s revised National Youth Policy (2011-2016) outlines that vocational training will be central to improving employment opportunities for youth. The Youth Watch 2012 points out that nearly one in every three youth in Uganda has received some form of vocational training. Unfortunately, it found that skills’ training is no guarantee of utilizing skills for income-generation. Nearly half of all youth are not using their skills productively for income-generation.

The challenge of unemployment for youth who do not complete school is even greater. Youth are uninformed about the job market and the local economy. Many report not knowing what sort of skills and goods are marketable and identify social challenges as being very concerning. This is the gap Wezesha Impact seeks to address!

We equip youth with the skills to start and grow businesses successfully, find or create jobs, increase incomes and livelihoods. Wezesha Impact targets both male and female out of school youths and those enrolled in vocational institutions between the ages of 15 to 25 years who are vulnerable, unemployed, are job seeking, potential entrepreneurs, micro-Entrepreneurs, in vocational training in rural and urban centers.
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Our Team

Wezesha Impact has a work force of young energetic people who are passionate about empowering youth economically and socially. 


Founders' Story

Solomon and James met in 2008, working as mentors for young leaders and entrepreneurs in secondary schools. In due course of our work, we noticed that our local communities, had an under addressed problem. Every time we walked around our childhood villages, we were struck by the high school dropout rates, the unemployment and meager incomes of youth. This was the life their parents had lived, and if nothing changed, it is the life their children will most likely live. Thousands of youth drop out of the formal school system annually and we could have been one of them.

Less than 12% of youth complete secondary school country wide. In addition, most youth who drop out of schools tend to enroll into formal or non-formal vocational training with a belief that they can easily create their own job. Unfortunately this is a false promise given the lack of practical entrepreneurship and workplace readiness experience in the national curriculum.

Our dedication to youth empowerment is strongly inspired by the immense possibilities that are open to youth if they receive the right support. What every youth needs is the support to explore their potential, to create solutions and build the confidence needed to take action. We decided to form Wezesha Impact to empower under served youth through a practical experience that builds their entrepreneurship, employability and leadership skills to enable them to thrive in the labour market.


Katumba James S
Co-founder / Executive Director


Kayiwa Solomon M
Co-Founder / Director of Operations

Ndibulima Esther
Program Officer

Nabalamba Ritah
Finance & administration coordinator

Nabulya Diana
Program Facilitator

Musinguzi Willbert
Program Facilitator

Susan Nabbuye
Program Officer

wakyaya jacob mordecai
monitoring & evaluation officer

Namipijja Sophie
operations officer

Wanyama Manasseh
Program Facilitator

Nabulya Josephine
Program Facilitator

ACHeng Deborah
Administrative Assistant

atukunda barbara

mannyi morris
Program Facilitator

Program Facilitator

Our Board

Board members

Mrs. Doris Mitti: Formerly Regional Communications Officer, East Africa. Currently a Communications Consultant at CELA Consults Ltd

Mr. William Matovu: Country Director at Heifer International Uganda, an organization that has empowered millions to go from poverty to self-reliance via livestock, seeds, trees & training.

Mrs. Irene Mulumba: Executive Director at The Private Education Dev. Network, an Ashoka Fellow and social entrepreneur whose passion was to overcome the high rate of rote learning in Uganda’s education system and financial literacy among the youth.

Mr. Mathew French: Matthew French is the Executive Director of Komo Learning Centres, Uganda where he empowers young people to take control of their own lives and will strive to increase meaningful youth participation in KLC programming . Recently, he is helping CARE International in Burundi identify key elements of their new youth strategy.

Advisory Board

Mr. Antoine Chiquet: Co-founder Komo Learning Centres. Global citizen.

Ms. Jacqueline Rotman: Founder/Board Chair at Everybody Dance Now. Formerly Executive Director at SparkSF and Associate Consultant at Bridgespan New York.

Mr. Joseph Quaderer: First Vice President and Private Banker – Morgan Stanley Private Bank New York. Formerly Business Director at Educate!,

Mr. Samuel James Kibanga: Formerly Executive Director of Katalemwa Cheshire Home for rehabilitation services and Executive Director National Forum of People Living with HIV/AIDS networks in Uganda (NAFOPHANU. Currently a private development consultant.

Mr. DERICK Nkajja: Chief Executive Officer of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda (ICPAU).

Ms. Alice Ndagire: Co-founder Alibeth Consults. Passionate about women affairs and enriching the girl child. Formerly served as a Youth Ambassador for Uganda to the African Union and secretary for the African Union Youth Entrepreneurship Network. 

Mr. V.F. Musoke Kibuuka: Retired Hon. Justice of the high court of Uganda with over 40 years of legal experience.

Mr. Bernard Akol Otemor: Current Assistant Curriculum Specialist for BTVET at National Curriculum Development center Kyambogo and Director at Delite Basic School Lira, 2012 to date.

Our Supporters