What Makes Us Unique

1. Systemic Approach

Youth enrolled in Vocational Institutes

Wezesha Impact is constantly striving to build a cost effective, innovative model working through existing systems for government and community to support youth employment. Our work with vocational schools working through vocational school instructors to deliver the program demonstrates a systemic and experience based model that strengthens our intervention to be incorporated within the government systems for vocational education to improve employment outcomes for youth enrolled in vocational institutions. 

Out of school youth

Wezesha Impact works through existing community based youth leaders also referred to as community mentors who deliver the program to fellow youth. Our work through community mentor fellows creates a system that catches youth as they drop out and models the system for replication by communities independently.

2. Youth Led Design

All programmatic experiences are highly informed by the youth this enables design of appropriate interventions and experiences that are youth focused and friendly for the intended result.

3. Market driven

Our interventions are based on market /industry demands. This information informs our choice for the skill focus areas and areas for speciality to relevance based on the market needs.