Wezesha Impact is excited to announce the ‘Tour for Impact Experience’ activity. This is an amazing opportunity to local and international (individuals or groups) with a passion to learn about local communities in Uganda and understand the fields around education and livelihoods. This amazing experience will also offer the opportunity to learn about our work and general development space in Uganda.



The Tour for Impact Experience offers a range of activities such site visits to local communities, interaction with different organisations and partners in the space of development and learn more about how youth are leading social lives in their respective communities.

Why register for the Tour for Impact Experience?

  • The experience will enable you learn about communities and how youth are leading their own development.

  •  You will have the opportunity to provide mentorship, coaching and sharing of ideas with youth and other actors within the local communities.

  •  Have fun connecting and building networks in Uganda.

  •  Learn about working models in development for replication.