Wezesha Impact works to empower youth to transition and thrive in life. 

Wezesha means enable in Swahili. 
Our work enables youth to take action that positively impacts their own lives.We believe that each young man and woman has the potential to lead a productive life and contribute positively to society.  


Our Mission

Enabling youth in Africa to engage in productive employment

Our Vision

Our Vision for 2028 is to directly impact 100,000 youth economically and socially. More broadly we plan to reach 400,000 youth across East Africa.

Our Values

1. Youth as Change Makers

Youth are not a problem. They are a promise!: We believe in the potential of youth to solve existing challenges.

2. Youth Driven Action

Youth are our priority: Everything we do is for the benefit of the youth we serve.

3. Community Collaboration

Collaboration is key: We build relationships and work together with like minded people, organizations and government agencies to serve youth better.

4. High Achievement Culture

Culture drives performance: We strive to envision and focus, set and achieve audacious goals and rise above the challenges that abound.