Acheng Deborah

I am passionate about being productive in all that I do, and being in an organization that aims at youth being productive in their communities, being in the position to ensure that resources needed are available for the youth to benefit and make their life meaningful makes me up my game and proud when I see the smile on their faces.



Nabulya Dianah

Am trained, have skills and passionate of empowering youth by enabling them to change their live hood, socially economically, within their communities and being a youth it motivates me a lot and is proudly working with Young people

There would be obstacles, doubters, mistakes but with hard work, there are no limits

Ssemanda Jonathan

Am privileged with the honor of advancing my communication and networking skills by interacting with the vulnerable youth, as well as the corporate class citizens, regardless of origins and backgrounds.



Nabalamba Ritah

Being part of a great team, working with youth to create change in their lives and communities is a reason I wake up every morning.

I take pride in the success of every youth as it improves my self-actualization and great fulfillment which keeps me energized and empowered.

nabulya josephine

The joy of working with youth is that it is always different. Each youth is unique, they bring their own life experience needs, and expectations. They bring their beliefs that anything is possible once creativity is explored and encouraged, there are no limits to what can be achieved.

They have the same rights to culture as adults, but their circumstances create challenges that can only be met with determination, creativity, and integrity.



Paul Egwar

Personally, I delight so much in leaving a lifelong mark in a young person’s life, especially that which can put food on their table. I am confident that the zeal, ambition, power, and prowess the young people come with present a big push for economic growth and a change in our social pattern of life as a people. In fighting youth unemployment, the time is now to equip the youth with all that they need in order to confidently prepare for and possess their tomorrow-entrepreneurship and employability skills is the way to go, the rest will fall in line.


Coming soon.



Nabbuye Susan

I am never bored working with youth! I am passionate about positively impacting youth from nothing to something. This attitude has been the biggest drive in my role as a program officer at M.C.E Uganda.

Each day I meet a number of youths who present different challenges in my line of work, this has energized me to always look out for viable solutions together with these amazing young people. This challenging opportunity has kept me stimulated to learn more, meet influential people with extraordinary mindsets in my life.

Am proud that I am influential in young people’s lives!

Musinguzi Wilbert

I have passion to work with youth to improve and better a life. It gives me satisfaction as I live legacy by doing my best with my mighty.




“People don’t care how much You know until they see how much you care”. My pursuit is to manage success and see it reflected in those around me. It’s one thing to achieve and succeed today, but it’s another thing to manage and maintain your success.